mercredi 14 septembre 2016

Summer Paintings

Bottoms Up Acrylic 110 cm x 152 cm

                                                Birdscape     Acrylic         125cm X 152cm

                                                Breathing under water      Acrylic    
                                                                 130 cm X 150cm

   Flesh    Acrylic       118 cm X 148 cm   

                                                 Unfurling   Acrylic      130 cm x 150 cm

Broken line Acrylic    128 cm X 152 cm

                                                     Uprising  Acrylic   118 cm x 150 cm

lundi 4 avril 2016

Paintings from my new atelier in Marsanne in the DROME region of France

Barque,  acrylic                              120 cm X 154 cm                   2015

Tender heart    Acrylic and tape (collage)                        126 cm x 150 cm       2015

                     Mistral  Acrylic                             118 cm x 152 cm                         2016



My post about this artist residency was deleted, by me accidentally. I decided to reconstruct  this post as it was an important month of intrigue and interchange with many int'l artists. 
It was also my first time in Turkey, which culturally has the unique position as entrance to the orient and occidental.

                           Artists from several countries arrived to Yalova August 20th.

           I am in the green dress on the stairway at the opening of our exhibition in Istanbul.

             This is one of the paintings I made in an open air collective studio space in Yalova.

We installed the artwork the day before the opening in a cultural center in Istanbul.

I exhibited these three watercolors, which I made during the residency at a resort in Yalova, across the Mirmara sea from Istanbul. They are all 30 cm x 30cm

vendredi 26 février 2016

Recent small works

Rose Veil      acrylic     30cm x 30 cm     2016

Watercolor/ink/collage                30 cm x 30 cm


Watercolor/ink/collage                30 cm x 30 cm


Watercolor/ink/collage                30 cm x 30 cm

  Watercolor and ink on paper       30 cm x 30 cm

Star   aquarelle       30cm x 30 cm     2015

opening     aquarelle        30cm x 30cm      2016

Subterranean flou  aquarelle 30cm x 30cm  2016

Fog       Aquarelle       30cm x 30cm     2016

Dialogue    aquarelle      30cm x 30cm       2016

        Acrylic on canvas        50 cm x 50 cm

     Acrylic on canvas        50 cm x 50 c

Acrylic on canvas        50 cm x 50 cm